May 2015 - DeBruce Ranch Miniatures
Written by CRM
Saturday, 02 May 2015 03:58
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Ranching in Norco since 1978, the DeBruce family enjoys their role in the world of small horses.

Jeanne training Prince.

Danny DeBruce and his wife, trainer Jeanne DeBruce, love all equines while concentrating on Minis and the Miniature show world. That’s been the case since they first migrated from Quarter Horse racing to Minis almost 25 years ago. But Danny does offer a word of caution. “They’re like potato chips,” he laughs. “It’s hard to have just one.” In fact, an industry survey determined that six is the average number of Minis owned nationally per person.

Minis have appeal on multiple fronts. At a maximum of 38 inches in height, in what’s called their “B” division and 34” in the “A” division, they can be safe and manageable for just about everyone from children to seniors if trained properly. Some people who don’t have quite the balance and agility they once did, but still want a life with an equine, are attracted to the Minis. Compared to “big horses,” they require less space and eat much less. Feed costs for a Mini are typically less than what’s spent on feeding a large dog, Danny notes.

For those reasons, Minis can fulfill equine dreams in many ways. The breed’s popularity is growing and DeBruce Ranch fulfills an ever-growing demand while continuing to be a big presence in Norco Horsetown USA.

Our male Australian Shepherd, Ranger.

DeBruce Ranch has also become a source for providing Minis to the entertainment world. This includes birthday parties, business grand openings, casting for movies, commercials, photo shoots and TV shows, recently including the introduction to Walt Disney s newest animated childrens series, Princess Sofia the First.

Jeanne and Danny purchased their first Miniature to be a mascot for their racehorse ranch. They learned first hand how enjoyable they were to work with and had great fun tooling around town in a Mini-pulled cart, getting the attention of neighbors and new fans all over. Over time the racehorses were phased out and DeBruce Ranch evolved to what it is now: a breeding and training facility that specializes in Miniatures for halter, liberty, jumping, hunter and driving for show as well as pleasure. “Clients simply want to enjoy a well mannered Miniature horse to drive or walk around town,“ Danny says. Jeanne found that her kind “horse whisperer” approach with large breeds translated well to this very smart breed of small equines. In addition to training, the DeBruces offer swimming, showing, handling, breeding, foaling and foal training as well as sales and consignments for large breeds and Miniatures.

Danny and Jeanne’s Mini adventure has always been a family affair. Their young adult son Robert grew up in Norco with Minis and plays a role in ranch operations while working his way through Norco College.

DeBruce Ranch proudly stands fine quality Miniatures. National Champions include Establo Tijuana Taxi, Dally’s Ynot Spirit Chaser (a “pintoloosa”) and LTD’s Masked Illusion. Michigan’s Styled in Silver and Curry’s Man in Command are also multiple grand champions. Stallion colors make a beautiful palette -- from gorgeous chestnut and pinto to black and dapple gray. The DeBruce stallions offer good tempered foals and all come from pedigrees that are stand-outs in the show ring going back many generations.

A great deal of their business is Minis, but they also have ample experience with big breeds, from Quarters to Drafts and Mules.

Jeanne’s background includes 17 years starting race Quarter Horses as well as training Quarter Horses for Western Pleasure and Trail. Jeanne and Danny are 2009 inductees into Norco Horsetown USA’s Hall of Fame, Mule Days Hall of Fame and many AMHR National Champions reflect their many and ongoing years of commitment to and involvement with equines. “Being honored in so many different breeds means a lot to us, “ says Danny. “We love to change things up around here once in awhile just to keep things interesting! Being acknowledged as respected horsemen means a lot to us.”

The DeBruces welcome newcomers to the world of Miniature horses. Many who come to the scene own or owned big horses and bring their equine experiences. They are delighted to find the warm and welcoming community that surrounds these small steeds. Even though the well-attended show circuit is competitive, it’s also fun. The aforementioned study also revealed that 50.2 is the average age of those who own Minis.  Those mature individuals bring professionalism, friendliness and pleasantness, as a general rule, and the congenial atmosphere those qualities create, Danny observes.

The DeBruces were part of the very first few who were invited to join a handful of Norconians in the tiny, upstart Miniature club 25 plus years ago. Today the Pacific Coast Miniature Horse Club is the premier Miniature club in all of Southern California and it is an American Miniature Horse Registry approved organization. Sponsoring many categories, their horses have always been consistent high point winners.

The DeBruces invite everyone to come out May 22-24 to the Region 7 Championship Show at Ingalls Park, Norco, and meet Danny, Jeanne and Robert in person. They are very well known and highly regarded and won’t be hard to find!

For more information on DeBruce Ranch Miniature Horses or the upcoming show visit or call Jeanne at 951-203-7663.