May 2015 - NorCal Structures
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Saturday, 02 May 2015 04:18
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Well-established firm is “building dreams, one barn at a time.”

Modular barn specialists Kelly and Lance Landry of NorCal Structures have been “building dreams, one barn at a time” for a long time. Lance got into the business in 1983 and since then, he and Kelly, both horsemen, have earned a solid reputation for helping their customers, from gleam-in-the eye to move-in. Their services include finishing touches like fly spray systems from ProTech to follow-up and follow through when clients’ needs evolve and change. “We take pride in offering the best service to our customers,” Kelly notes.

To best continue super serving their clients, Nor Cal Structures recently aligned itself with FCP Barns, an American owned, made-in-America manufacturer of modular metal barns. “It is really a quality product,” says Kelly of their reason for aligning themselves with FCP. The value of the American-made goes well beyond patriotism, she adds. “Quality control is the number one advantage of it being made here. And it is made here. It’s not just assembled here and marketed as being American-made.

“Products coming from overseas have no quality control,” she continues. Before switching to FCP, “we had lost thousands of dollars due to material having to be replaced or retrofitted because of the bad quality we were receiving. The quality we are getting with FCP is something we can put our names on.”

FCP barns and corrals can also be customized in infinite ways, a must for the American market. “Everybody wants a four-stall barn,” Kelly observes. NorCal Structures has built a lot of them over the years, but, “We’ve never built two that are exactly alike. It’s just like houses. We all live in square houses but every one is different.”

One of Kelly’s favorite examples is an FCP customer who owned a pie-shaped property and needed stabling that could take best advantage of that shape. FCP was able to build her a barn that was curved, utilizing the entire property. FCP definitely thought outside the box, maximizing her usable space on the property and with beautiful  results.” It’s just one example of the customization possible with FCP’s manufacturing and NorCal Structures’ expertise on the entire process of designing and building horse keeping facilities. Whether it’s non-standard roof pitches or updating a classic barn without losing its original aesthetic appeal, NorCal Structures leads the way.

Another favorite project of Kelly’s is a client in Chico who wanted to update a PT barn built in the 1970s. “She wanted to add onto the existing structure, while keeping the stall fronts – stucco-faced in this case – and other details the same. There was nothing ‘standard’ about the project, but we were able to match and design whatever the customer wants.”

NorCal Structures will again be exhibiting at the Western States Horse Expo June 5-7 in Sacramento. Their L-shaped in-line display, in booth 308, will have ample illustrations of the limitless possibilities in building a barn with NorCal’s help. As a family owned company with a long and proud history in Northern California, NorCal Structures looks forward to helping many more customers fulfill their horse keeping dreams.

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