May 2015 - Be Floored!
Written by CRM
Saturday, 02 May 2015 04:21
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Creativity and quality are Innovative Equine Systems’ trademarks in everything from flooring to fixtures.

In 16 years of designing stalls, barn equipment and accessories, Innovative Equine Systems knows that great stables are built from the ground up. An evolving line of rubber flooring is the latest manifestation of this business philosophy. The Minden, NV company uses top quality, recycled natural rubber to produce its broad line of interlocking rubber pavers for stalls, wash racks and aisle ways. This innovative material provides a non-skid cushioned surface that withstands the rugged barn environment far better than pavers made from synthetic recycled rubber. Seamless rubber flooring is a relatively new addition to Innovative Equine’s line and CEO Dennis Marion reports that its popularity is spreading from equine hospital and commercial use to private stabling environments.

Seamless flooring can be washed down regularly to prevent bacterial growth, the accumulation of ammonia odors and that stable scourge: dust. “Because of respiratory issues, dust is one of the biggest concerns we see,” says Dennis. “When bedding and hay are thrown into a stall, and the horses then roll or paw in it, it stirs up nothing but dust. Flooring that can be periodically washed down eliminates that health issue.”

Budget wise, seamless flooring is more expensive, so it’s not for every project, Dennis notes. A great alternative for cost-conscious barn builders and remodelers is Innovative Equine’s line of 5/8” pavers that are suitable for aisle ways and stalls in newly constructed and remodeled barns. Glued permanently into place, these offer remarkably long life.

Custom colors, ranch logos or brands and other designs are now available as well.

On the stall front, Dennis is most excited about the Builders’ Series of “full frame stalls at a bargain price.” Both the new Tahoe and Laredo series are full frame, fully welded, high quality stalls, available in standard sizes that start at under $1,000 per stall.

Innovative Equine started as a fencing company, but today it is known for “having it all.” From totally custom stalls for everything from Minis to Drafts, to the smallest barn details like door latches operated with one finger and bridle racks that won’t crease the leather, the company offers quality and durability at all price points. Innovative has lived up to its name by designing accessories such as a five-post swiveling blanket rack that allows easy access to several blankets and a rotating wash wand that makes bath time a breeze.  These are just a few examples in Innovative’s broad inventory.

Compared to fencing, flooring and stalls, accessories are a relatively new and ever-growing part of Innovative Equine’s offerings. Feeders, automatic waterers, hold-open door magnets, heaters, lights, racks for blankets, saddles and bridles, cross-tie brackets and rehabilitation products such as solariums and spas are just a few examples. Like the stalls and flooring systems, the accessories are built tough, just like the walls to which they are attached. And they’re built smart, in ways every horse keeper can appreciate.

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