July 2019 - Performance Builder
Written by CRM
Monday, 01 July 2019 05:07
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New liquid formula for equine muscle enhancement shows impressive results.

After years of success with the Muscle Tone™ supplement, Finish Line Horse Products® introduces Performance Builder™. This effective, exclusively formulated product promotes healthy equine muscle development and function.

Performance Builder is an herbal liquid available starting at $22.45. It provides an easy approach to feeding by simply adding to feed to minimize gastrointestinal upset. This product has shown extremely fast results, with improvement in as little as 2-3 weeks, and is safe to give on a regular basis.


“Every horse we’ve put on this product, including Royce, is seeing massive improvement in their physical build and performance,” says top show jumper Margie Engle. “We couldn’t be more impressed!”

This product was created by Finish Line’s own chemists, along with input from veterinarians prior to years of field testing. Trainers, competitors and veterinarians affiliated with all equine disciplines reported positive results and improvement.

“Performance Builder has all the best ingredients you’d want in a healthy muscle builder, from gamma oryzanol (from rice bran), and Calcium HMB and L-Leucine plus botanicals from tart cherry and spinach, which make a formula horses love!” - Nick Cinquino, Principal Chemist at Finish Line Horse Products

Press release provided by Finish Line: www.finishlinehorse.com.