July 2019 - Doing What Comes Naturally
Written by Photos: Tim Sullivan/The Secret Agency, www.secretagencygroup.com
Monday, 01 July 2019 05:27
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Emerald Valley Natural Health honors founding mission over many years of growth.

Photos: Tim Sullivan/The Secret Agency, www.secretagencygroup.com

Emerald Valley Natural Health was officially born 22 years ago and the product that put it on the map, Evitex, is still its number-one seller. The hormonal balancer is effective for moody mares and for helping ease symptoms of Cushings Disease. But it hasn’t been Emerald Valley’s only hot product for some time.


Evitex is now part of a brand with products in many categories: calmers, digestive, herbal solutions, hoof health, hormonal and pituitary, joints and mobility, leather care, nutritionals, respiratory and immune, topicals and treats. Emerald Valley recently added natural products for canines and launched a new look.


Emerald Valley grows while staying true to its founding mission. Photo: Jennifer Fisher, www.jenniferfisherphotography.com

The expanded product range and new packaging enhance a line that remains dedicated to fulfilling its founding mission: “Finding and developing the best natural health products and educating customers on the many benefits of supplementing their horses and dogs with herbs and natural feeds.”

As a member of the National Animal Supplement Council, Emerald Valley maintains the highest standards in ingredient quality, formulation and manufacture process. Accurate, easily understood labels detailing ingredients and their quantity is another assurance of NASC membership.

Owner Cheryl Price joined Emerald Valley as an employee first, then purchased the company in 2008. Its growth in both product line and customers has been steady in that time. Cheryl sees a correlation in the human health world. “People are looking out for their own health and looking out for their animals, too. There have been so many recalls on feed and other things, that I think people are being more cautious about what they use and spend their money on.”

The company expanded significantly 12 years ago with the addition of Formula 4 Feet, a non-GMO horse hoof supplement from EquiLife. It fit perfectly because it addressed so many equine issues in a natural and balanced way. Developed in the United Kingdom at The Laminitis Clinic by Dr. Robert Eustace, Formula 4 Feet is the most advanced and complete natural horse hoof supplement on the market today. “The Laminitis Clinic has developed a real understanding of the nutritional factors which keep a horse’s hooves in peak condition,” Cheryl notes.

Emerald Valley went back to England to source another of its most popular products: Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet. These beet pulp-based feeds are sought after in part because both are non-GMO and low sugar. Emerald Valley is the sole U.S. importer and distributor for originator British Horse Feed, one of the UK’s most successful specialist suppliers of farm feeds, micronized ingredients and horse feed. In these hot summer months, Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet are especially strong sellers because they help horses stay hydrated through work-outs and withering weather.

Product Spotlights

Speedi-Beet is a quick soaking beet pulp flake. It’s 95 percent sugar free and will soak up to five times its size in water in just 10 minutes. It is made using a patented cooking process to produce a unique feed unlike any other beet pulp.  With its high proportion of soluble fiber (mostly pectins), Speedi-Beet fiber is more easily digested by the horse than that found in forages such as hay. This makes it a great source of non-heating, slow release energy. This extremely versatile feed can be fed in small amounts to overweight horses as a carrier for a multivitamin and mineral supplement, or in larger quantities to a hard keeper for weight gain, or to a working horse for energy.

Its unique formulation makes Speedi-Beet economical in both time and money terms. It yields three to five times more product than beet pulp shreds. The quick soaking process cuts labor and prevents fermenting in the summer or freezing in the winter. No more soaking and draining regular beet pulp. It’s great for horses who need a low carb diet. Speedi-Beet’s sugar and starch content is less than 5% combined. Its non-structural carbohydrate content is 5% or less.

Speedi-Beet can be used for weight maintenance. Feeding before turn-out, or before providing forage improves satiety before the more fattening course. As horses are trickle feeders, they tend to graze less and more slowly. Horses fed this way will lose weight, without losing condition. Speedi-Beet can be added to any feeding program. If fed over and above the normal diet, the horse may improve his weight and condition. It can also be mixed with grain and supplements, making the feed more palatable.

Hydration is a huge issue in the summer and Speedi-Beet’s palatability encourages horses to consume it eagerly, delivering much needed water to their digestive system and other organs. During times of stress such as travel and competition, Speedi-Beet can deliver water, electrolytes and medications.

Keeping horses hydrated and on a fiber-based diet is one of the easiest ways to help maintain a healthy gut and approximate their natural eating preferences, even within a barn atmosphere. During the winter, adding warm water to Speedi-Beet provides a hydrating mash-like treat without the sugar load and unbalanced nutrient profile of bran.

Regular beet pulp shreds and pellets are the byproduct of the sugar beet industry. This byproduct can have debris in the bags, more added molasses to boost flavor and inconsistently sized product. 


Fibre-Beet is a conditioning feed with a carefully formulated combination of Speedi-Beet, alfalfa and oat fiber, supplemented with biotin, sodium and calcium. It has all the benefits of Speedi-Beet with its high level of easily-digested soluble fiber for slow energy release, along with low starch and sugar.

The alfalfa provides quality protein containing essential amino acids for muscle tone and function, and the oat fiber provides a complementary nutrient profile. Fibre-Beet is designed to be fed wet, which is the most natural way to feed your horse.

Fibre-Beet can be fed in larger quantities than Speedi-Beet, making it a superb conditioning feed. It’s ideal for those who need or prefer to control starch intake. In fact, for horses in light work, Fibre-Beet, and a balancer, plus a good forage are all that needed for a fully balanced diet.

Feeding a fiber-based diet can help avoid an excess of protein, starch and sugar, thus supporting a healthy digestive tract for overall good health.

Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet have gained the Gastric Ulcer Feed Assurance Mark from the British Equestrian Trade Association. The mark applies to feeds and aims to identify products that are suitable for use in a feed program where scientific evidence supports a reduction in the incidence of EGUS.


The product that started it all for Emerald Valley is still going strong as the line’s leading seller and can be traced back to a moody Morgan mare owned by the company’s founder Claire Norcross. She’d been frustrated by the lack of a natural supplements to help the mare until she found the product then called “Hormonise” in the United Kingdom. Now known as Evitex, the supplement made of chasteberries has long proven its ability to help promote healthy pituitary function.

Using chasteberry for horses in need of proper pituitary function has been widely researched in Germany.  According to Dr. Rudolf Fritz Weiss, chasteberry acts on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is considered the master gland of the endocrine system. It controls the adrenals and thyroid regulating activity of other organs and tissues in the body.

Evitex has gained an outstanding reputation as the natural way to maintain the health of horses’ hormonal systems. By supporting normal pituitary function, Evitex may help manage hormonal balance, cresty neck, metabolic function, kidney function, healthy digestion and maintain optimal function of reproductive processes, many of which are symptoms of Cushings Disease.

Evitex may help with normal shedding, sweating and drinking, healthy muscle tone and top line and overall appearance. Ongoing research shows the many benefits of chasteberry for healthy pituitary function, balancing hormone levels and supporting glucose metabolism in horses and dogs. Evitex is very palatable and, along with a healthy diet, will help promote long-term health.

Like many of Emerald Valley’s products, Evitex is newly available for dogs.

Cheryl and the Emerald Valley team have chosen to grow the brand carefully. Although it has a broad array of horse care products, each new addition is considered in response to consumer requests and brought to market only after extensive research, testing and assurance of highest quality ingredient sources. The end result is a brand that horse owners have trusted for many years and will continue to count on in maintaining peak horse health Emerald Valley’s way: naturally.

For more information, visit www.emeraldvalleyequine.com.