March 2020 - Secret Synergy Stones
Written by CRM
Monday, 02 March 2020 20:05
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Horse and rider jewelry offers calming counterpoint to the realities of living in an increasingly wired world.

All equestrians have experienced those days when you and your horse feel a strong and deep connection, a day where everything flows with a comfortable synchronicity that feels like perfection. We all wish we could enjoy that kind of kinship with our beloved equines on a regular basis.


Unfortunately, in today’s world of fast-paced lives it’s becoming all the more common to hear of horses with stress related-issues such as ulcers, colic, and autoimmune disorders. Too much stress makes it challenging to have those magical days where your soul connects with the free spirit of the prey animal you are riding. Therefore, it’s becoming imperative that we become informed and conscious about the added stresses that equines are experiencing.

More Electro Magnetic Fields


Horses pick up on our levels of stress, compounded with being highly sensitive to man-made stressors. There are many contributing factors to today’s stress levels, but one factor that has not previously had much consideration is that our world now contains 400 million times more Electro Magnetic Fields than it did 100 years ago. The number of wireless devices that now exist and the variables of wave lengths between 3G, 4G, and coming soon, 5G, are at exponential numbers beyond our wildest imaginations.

Wi-fi is like a strobe light on the cells, sending erratic radiation waves surrounding us 24 hours a day. Cells have natural defense mechanisms against things such as viruses, infections, funguses and diseases, but they do not have any defenses against pulsating radiation frequencies. Studies have shown that this man-made radiation can literally mutate the DNA within living cells.

Interestingly, if one were to graph the implementation and rise of wi-fi radiation correlated with the rise in chronic diseases and autoimmune disorders, the rise in both match up exactly. Note of interest – the same can be said for the implementation of GMOs in our food sources. Both were brought to the market in the 1970s, and as they have risen within our society, so have the myriad of health concerns commonly faced by equines and humans alike.

Horses are more sensitive to electricity than humans, as they are more closely connected to the earth. Protecting horses from EMF exposures may aid in helping horses to feel calm and grounded. Since launching Secret Synergy Stones, it has been exciting and rewarding to see the amazing results occurring for both horses and humans when this EMF protection is utilized.

What we have found is that the protective grounding effect experienced when wearing Secret Synergy Stones creates a quiet yet strong connection between horse and human. Whether the rider is wearing Secret Synergy, or the horse is, both are calmer and more connected. When both are wearing these shielding stones, the results are much like how a flock of birds communicate naturally with calm unity and precision. The calming effect is felt by both beings and needs to be experienced personally to truly understand the positive effects.

Protecting horses from EMF exposures can have a significant positive impact on their over-all health, emotional balance, attitude and performance. In this age of wi-fi everything there are serious concerns about possible connections between our compounding EMF exposures and adverse health effects on both humans and animals. The effects of this modern-day EMF deluge may cause problems with equine behavior, digestion, sleep, and fertility, as well as biological tissue, organs, and vitamin/mineral levels.

Here are some possible negative EMF impacts on horses & livestock:
•    Aggressive or nervous behavior
•    Performance issues
•    General chronic health issues
•    Healing time due to injury
•    Repetitive injury occurrence
•    Reduced growth
•    Reduced feed and water intake
Protecting your horses from EMF exposure may help:
•    Improve performance, optimize horse’s potential
•    Reduce over-stressing of animals
•    Increase oxygen absorption up to 200%
•    Normalize animals body functionality
•    Support proper resting
•    Increase vital body forces
•    Overall health improvement
•    Reduce veterinary costs
Secret Synergy Stones, based in Tehachapi, bring EMF protection into the equine arena in the form of mane beads, bracelets, necklaces and charms for people and pets. All items of anti-EMF protective jewelry are handmade.

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