October 2017 - Fiber Max Omega
Written by CRM
Thursday, 28 September 2017 23:44
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Beet pulp-based feed offers higher fat with lower nonstructural carbohydrates.

Many horse owners have struggled to find ways to lower the nonstructural carbohydrates in their horse’s diet because of carbohydrate intolerance in their horses. That condition can lead to other problems such as obesity, laminitis or metabolic issues. With the help of Kentucky Equine Research nutritionists, Equus Nutrition System for Horses has developed Fiber Max Omega, a high-fat, high-fiber beet pulp-based feed that features a unique blend of complementary energy sources such as fermentable fiber, flax and stabilized rice bran that provides the energy needed without increasing NSC.

Equus Fiber Max Omega is an innovative and healthy source of starch for performance horses, widely used in the industry by show jumpers, eventers, reiners and cutters. They’ve found their horses require balanced energy for optimal performance during competition and efficient muscle recovery afterwards. Fiber Max Omega provides hard-working horses significant caloric intake and helps with focus and stamina.

The same technology that allows professional riders and their horses to perform at their highest level can be useful for pleasure riders, senior horses and any others looking for an optimal balance of essential fatty acids to help reduce inflammation and promote a healthier coat while aiding in immune response. Fiber Max Omega’s high fiber and high fat ingredients increase caloric intake without increasing starch, reducing excitability and heightening awareness, allowing for a much cooler horse.

Fiber Max Omega is a palatable feed that, like all Equus Nutrition System feeds, is milled in Central California at an ionophore free mill and fortified with Kentucky Equine Research vitamin and mineral technology. Fiber Max Omega’s unique blend includes proteinated trace minerals for enhanced absorption, organic selenium, and all natural-source of Vitamin E which helps elevate plasma tocopherol more effectively than synthetic vitamin E, allowing the horse to recover more quickly from soreness after strenuous exercise.

Article provided by Equus Nutrition System for Horses. For more information, visit www.equusfeed.com.