August 2018 - Whole Body Vibration
Written by CRM
Friday, 27 July 2018 04:07
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Vitafloor’s whole-body benefits extend to hoof health.

No hoof no horse.  We have all heard that a million times. And for the most part we, as horse owners, go to great lengths to help promote healthy feet with regular trims by qualified farriers and attending to problems right away. However, on occasion, horses still have issues.

One of the therapies available to address hoof health is Vitafloor® whole body vibration. Vitafloor® whole body vibration is natural and straightforward. The vertical vibration generated imitates the gentle impact or concussion found in regular movement, just at a more consistent, greater frequency. These concussions, between 30 and 60 repetitions a minute, are gentle enough to be soothing, but strong enough to reach up all the way through the body. These vibrations activate the various cardiovascular, pulmonary, and bio mechanical systems in the body which promote overall wellness; and, based on research, can also help with targeted healing.

We are excited to share the most recent findings of a study conducted by Peninsula Equine Medical Center in Menlo Park, and published in Research in Veterinary Science in May of this year. In a 60-day study on 10 horses, the hoof and sole growth was markedly accelerated after twice-daily Vitafloor vibration therapy sessions. This latest research sheds light on a natural, non-invasive treatment, with no side effects, which accelerates healing and hoof health.

“Vitafloor Whole Body Vibration increases hoof growth significantly over a 30- and 60- day period, with the main increase seen in the first 30 days of the treatment,” reports Bart Halsberghe, Veterinary Surgeon, DABVP (equine), cert ISELP, CVMA, cVSMT, CERT, of Peninsula Equine Medical Center.

These results are also very promising for laminitis patients, as the study shows a significant increase (up to 40%) of hoof growth especially in the first 30 days of the treatment. Once the study was finished and treatments were stopped after 60 days, the hoof growth fell back to similar levels as before the treatment.

Laminitis, a painful and debilitating condition, is caused by a disruption of blood flow to the laminae. Vitafloor whole body vibration therapy is one more tool to help combat this stressful problem by generating faster, healthy hoof growth without trauma to the horse, and helping with pain and inflammation. 

One Happy Pony

This study echoes our own experiences at Dutch Dreamhorses Rehabilitation Center. Below is an example of a laminitis case we recently treated. This pony had a history of laminitis flare-ups for several years, but this year it became much worse. When the coffin bone began to rotate, her veterinarian recommended she should be brought to our facility to use the Vitafloor stall unit.

Source: Effect of two months whole body vibration on hoof growth rate in the horse: A pilot study Research in Veterinary Science 119 (2018) 37-42

The pony was already in clogs that were screwed on because she couldn’t handle the pain of the shoes being nailed on. As the radiographs show, the sole growth is impressive! The left x-ray was taken just before Vitafloor sessions began, and shows a clear example of foundering with some rotation. She then started twice-daily therapy sessions on the Vitafloor. The right x-ray shows the same foot just under six weeks later. Note how the angles are improved as the farrier was able to take off a large amount of toe due to increased hoof growth, and the sole thickness has increased dramatically. This pony is now back at home having made a complete recovery.

Because the Vitafloor vertical vibrations reach all the way through the topline, the horses mentioned here not only benefited from the results of this therapy on their feet, but also in their topline, internal organs, musculature, and fascia as other research suggests, as well as prevention of secondary issues such as colic. While sidelined or on stall rest, the Vitafloor vibrations provide secondary and tertiary wellness benefits: keeping the body activated for more efficient recovery. 

Article provided by Vitafloor. For additional research and information, visit, and review material found under the “research” tab.