August 2016 - Ramard Introduces Total Pre & Probiotic
Written by CRM
Sunday, 31 July 2016 18:11
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A new, powerful combination of prebiotics and probiotics.

Every horse has beneficial bacteria in their system to help digest feed. The digestive system includes both beneficial bacteria and unfriendly organisms. When the digestive system becomes out of balance the animal does not digest feed properly. This imbalance can become a major health concern. Maintaining the proper balance of microflora (healthy bacteria) in the animal’s digestive system can improve their performance and nutrient uptake. It may also support body condition, immune system and disposition in the animal.

Probiotics are live bacteria naturally present in the digestive system that break down feed to provide greater nutrient absorption. Prebiotics are a food source for the beneficial bacteria in the equine hind gut.

Ramard’s Total Pre & Probiotic will rebalance and support total digestive health. Merely adding beneficial bacteria is not enough. Ramard has added Prebiotics: Chicory Inulin to this powerful formula to feed the beneficial bacteria that are present in the digestive track. Research has shown that these prebiotics pass through the stomach reaching the hind gut where they feed the healthy, good bacteria and actually increase the probiotics Lactobacillus Casei and Bifidobacterium Breve thus inhibiting an imbalance while increasing mineral absorption, especially calcium. Citrus meal, containing powerful bioflavonoids as Optimize Balance has been added to the formula, and is proven to support the body’s natural ability to balance bacteria known to cause GI upset.

Total Pre & Probiotic has been carefully formulated to be the most powerful and beneficial digestive support to the animal’s health and contains 50 million cfu per gram of powerful Probiotics.

When the beneficial bacteria in a horse’s system are out of balance, it may cause poor body condition, loose stool, and digestive upset and abdominal discomfort. Total Pre & Probiotic supports normal digestion and appetite and benefits horses in many ways. Horses undergoing therapy, changes in environment, feed, and diet, mares in foal, shipping, training, and showing all benefit from having a balanced digestive system. Total Pre & Probiotic improves the horse’s digestive health, body condition and hair coat.

Ramard’s equine products are used by Olympic Equestrian Teams around the world as well as leading racing trainers and World and National Champions in every breed group. Their products are safe for use in any level of competition and results are noticed very quickly without loading doses.

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