Lesley Pickford - Artist Bio
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Sunday, 14 September 2014 03:19

"My head is full of images of horses, moving in natural surroundings ..."

Lesley has a drive to translate those images and ideas into 2D paintings. "It feels wonderful to let them out to roam on canvas," she says. Several magnificent horses and wonderful cats delight her daily. She rides every day if she can, and is now pursuing the discipline of modern competitive dressage based on classical principles.

Left Photo: "Winning Streak - Black Caviar" oil, 18x24

Her horses are often the subject of paintings, as well as other sources, along with commissioned portraits of other darling animals. Her favorite subjects are figurative and include animals, particularly horses. She prefers to paint them in natural surroundings, with their riders or handlers, and often dogs or cats in the picture.

Waterscapes and landscapes are now a source of inspiration and she is particularly enjoying painting plein air in the Northern California and on trips back "home" in outback Australia. Still life compositions round out the set, providing the opportunity to develop techniques, control and to translate observation into paint.

Lesley's style is relatively loose realism, in a post-impressionist manner. It continues to evolve and grow - she learns and takes on challenges to paint in different ways, with the brush and knife. Her desire for her portfolio is to be fresh and clear in style and subject matter, and to do justice to the composition.

How she got here: She originally had the intention of pursuing a career in art, and some early instruction in her home town Adelaide, South Australia, generated the opportunity to provide technical drawings for a book, Margaret C. Clarke's classic equestrian manual, Riding, Showing and Jumping, published by Rigby's in the early 1970s.

Employment as a Verterinary technician led to PhD in Biochemistry and following relocation to the San Francisco Bay Area, an MBA, enabled a successful career in the Bio-Pharmaceutical industry. Imagery was always a key part in her scientific endeavors and approach - she was always the one to jump up and draw something out on the whiteboard, or set up graphical PowerPoint presentations. Her professional travels in the US, Europe and Asia-pacific have gifted her the opportunity to visit galleries and exhibitions and learn from close observation of the great masters of painting, as well as modern and contemporary artists.

Returning to painting in 2009, first for relaxation and now as a significant part of her life, she has broadened her approach from pastels and water color to oil painting. Fortune and good timing has brought her the chance to study under two established San Francisco fine art oil painters with strong academic backgrounds, and she continues to benefit from their teachings, support and insights: Michael Rodman www.rodmanart.com and Dean Larson, MAE, MFA www.deanmlarson.com.

Her goal is to paint every day. Mostly she can do this, although sometimes the work of the day becomes more of a craft project and marketing: framing, photographing, entries, shipping... Paintings have been exhibited with success and sold and new commissions are always welcome!

For more information visit www.lesleypickford.faso.com.