August 2017 - New Owner, Same Great Deals
Written by CRM
Saturday, 29 July 2017 19:48


Bits Equestrian Outlet is under new ownership.

Since her first job as a polo groom in sixth grade, horses have been the driving factor in Jessica Laemmle DVM’s life. With her son getting older, the veterinarian needed to make a change to balance her work and family. When she heard that Bits Equestrian, the used tack shop at Rancho El Camino Equestrian Center in Del Mar, was possibly closing she decided she needed to buy it.

Jessica says, “As much as I love being a veterinarian, I would consider myself a horse person first and foremost. As my son was getting older I found it harder to live the equine veterinarian lifestyle. Being on call most days does not allow for me to have a reliable schedule. I am hoping that the shop may be a job that keeps me related to the equestrian community and also still gives me a little time to do some veterinary work. I was sad when I initially heard the shop was closing because I always liked going in there and looking around. It felt like a perfect fit for me to take it over.  I really believe in keeping our sport accessible and offering used equipment so people can save a little money is in keeping with that belief. In my personal life I really practice the reduce, recycle, and reuse ideals, and this shop is consistent with that.”

“This change does mean that I no longer am available for emergency veterinary work and that has meant that a large number of my clients have had to move on to other veterinarians to ensure they have coverage in the event something goes wrong. I will miss them all and hope they come by the shop to say hi and fill me in on how they are doing. I am still doing a little veterinary work in the mornings before the shop opens but only things that can be scheduled like vaccines, dentistry, and travel papers.”

“I hope to increase awareness about the shop. It really is a fun place to come and browse around. We are near the Del Mar Horsepark, so if people have time to kill between classes, they may want to come look for bargains. Because we are mostly consignment I get new things brought in all the time and I never know what they will be, so our inventory is constantly changing. For the most part the shop looks the same as before I bought it but behind the scenes there has been a little reorganizing. I encourage people to call and ask about how consignment works if they have stuff to sell. I hope to have a ‘Meet the New Owner’ day in September with talks and fun activities just to get people out and see where we are. I will be posting more details about this on Facebook as I get it organized.

“I have worked in San Diego as a veterinarian for 20 years and I think people know me as a hard worker who is honest and caring. You will find I bring these same qualities to this new venture.”

Bits Equestrian Outlet is located at 13998 Old El Camino Real, San Diego. Call 858-792-2486 and follow it on Facebook.