January 2018 - Blackjack Farm
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Wednesday, 27 December 2017 01:26


A horse and rider oasis in North San Diego County.

Robin and Dionicio Martinez bought their beautiful horse facility as their own private ranch in North San Diego County in 2011. Robin was competing successfully as an amateur and Dionicio, with no previous horse experience before meeting and marrying Robin, was finding out just what the life of a fulltime horseman was all about. Having left her corporate job a few years previously, Robin was looking to refocus her life in a way that allowed her to put her passions first.  With Dionicio at her side, she felt that this was the opportunity to really go all in with horses.

Robin and Dionicio

Robin and Icon.

Putting horses and fitness together became a natural evolution as more and more people asked Robin for help in both areas. For the past few years, Robin has been the resident fitness expert for EquestrianCoach.com. Giving up her amateur status and shifting to teaching riders became an easy choice.

Robin’s training style is what she believes to be an ideal blend of the American Forward Riding System as well as traditional European techniques born of a dressage influence. Proper position and understanding how to apply the aides are Robin’s main focus. The question is always “how do we get the most out of our horse without ever getting in his way?” A person who lacks control over their own body will always have problems controlling the body of their horse. This is where fitness and rider biomechanics really come into play.

Robin’s teaching style is one of communication, the goal always being that the rider understands the theory behind what they are learning and why.  After years of experience with adult learners, Robin knows that you can’t just say “do it again” and expect that the person is going to learn something that will affect change or improvement.

Robin and Dionicio’s Blackjack Farm is a beautiful horsey haven on a quiet street in Vista. They have a large barn, oversized in & outs, all-weather footing in a large jumping arena, show quality jumps from Germany, a sloped, groomed track and large turnouts.

Competition Ready

When it comes to competition, Robin’s focus is on preparing her riders and her horses to successfully compete in their current divisions while keeping in mind their future goals. As an example, in 2009, Robin decided that she would dedicate the year to flatwork. Robin’s systematic hard work paid off as she won the Greater San Diego Hunter Jumper Association Flat Medal Finals that year while still competing as an amateur.  This experience was also the spark for her more formal interest in dressage and how to apply the principles of dressage into her riding. She believes in a systematic approach to training and competing and supports riders interested in jumpers, equitation and medals. Their barn attends both GSDHJA and select “A” rated horse shows.

McCall Roy and Hello Punky.

Lily Loughridge and Edolonie.

Katie Keener and Duberlin.

Dionicio and Cupano

Robin, McCall Roy and Hello Punky

This year many of Robin’s riders are moving up to the 1.10 meter level at the A shows. Her husband Dionicio, who has only been riding for the past four and a half years, is ready to head to the 1.20 meter ring.

Blackjack Farm always has several nice junior/amateur equitation and show jumping horses for sale or for lease. Robin works with several trusted contacts in Europe from whom they have continually found mounts that are safe, reliable and experienced, making them perfect for their clientele.

For information on training, sales or leases, call Robin at  760-310-5717 or visit www.blackjackfarmsandiego.com.