April 2018 - Cherry Hill Farm & Jamie Lund
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Tuesday, 27 March 2018 19:55


Showing the love in every lesson and every ride.

"Um, she agrees with me about politics?” Carrie White-Parrish jokes, earning a laugh from the rest of the crew, as if this is a common line. As if they’re all part of the same gang, and already knew it would be her answer. Then she sobers. “Oh, you mean why do I love her as a trainer?”


Jaime Lund and Eric Vawter make a great team for their enthusiastic team of amateur riders and their horses.

Jaime schooling a horse at her home facility in Santa Ysabel.

After thinking for a moment, she shrugs. “She’s brought my confidence back. And she’s made it stick.” Carrie, a 30-year veteran of the San Diego and North County show circuits, spent her childhood riding with some of the top trainers in the region, but had fallen out of riding for about 10 years. When she decided to come back, she knew she had to find the right trainer first. After hearing from friends about how happy they were with Jamie Lund, she decided it was the right move—and hasn’t looked back. “Jamie’s teaching style is really unique,” she says. “She lets me figure a lot of things out for myself, and gives me exactly the amount of guidance I need.” Jamie, she says, finds a way to be generous to both horse and rider, and find a path toward success that works for everyone.

When Alyssa Donyes started taking lessons again and didn’t feel like it was quite working, Jamie reached into her bag of tricks and realized that the same method would work. Find something that worked for the rider—and the horse. “We went back to basics, and it was perfect,” Alyssa says. “I had to figure out how to handle my body again, and Jamie was with me every step of the way.” Now Alyssa regrets not having videos of those first lessons. “My riding has changed so much since then, and I’d love to be able to look back and see how far I’ve come.” She shrugs and laughs, and then goes to take up the horse she’s leasing—another new relationship she’s found through Jamie’s training stable.

Talk to all of Jamie’s clients and students, and you’ll hear the same things. It’s a program where they laugh more often than anything else, where nearly every lesson starts with at least 10 minutes of sitting around discussing life, and where confidence is key—and is the foundation on which every relationship is built. Jamie, a fifth generation Californian who lives on a 600-acre cattle ranch in Santa Ysabel that has been in her family for 130 years, prides herself on giving riders that confidence, and helping them build relationships that last—with both horses and humans. She currently operates out of Rising Storm in San Diego County’s San Marcos, but also runs a lay-up and retirement operation at her home. Both give her the chance to follow her passions of horses and students.

Jamie got her start in horses at age 13, and has ridden and worked for some of the top names in the state, including dressage trainer Melissa Creswick in the San Joaquin Valley, Charlotte Bredahl, Button Baker, Steffen Peters, Kathy Robertson and Shayne Wireman. Jaime has a strong foundation in several disciplines having trained in dressage, hunters, and jumpers, and competed up and down the state.

Carrie White-Parrish on Muchoblied.

Jamie Lund offers retirement and lay-ups at her home in Santa Ysabel not far from Rising Storm Equestrian Center in San Marcos.

In 2016, Jaime joined forces with hunter/jumper rider and trainer Eric Vawter and moved to Rising Storm, where her training program, Cherry Hill Farm, has been growing by leaps and bounds. “We’re a barn of amateurs right now,” she says with a laugh. But she goes on to say that she sees nothing wrong with that—and loves the sense of camaraderie and friendship they’ve built. Watching them bond and enjoy each other and the horses is just part of the chemistry her students brag about.

“She really figures out who we are and what we need, individually,” another student says. “She’s the most responsible trainer I’ve ever been with.”

Rising Storm has now become a second home to her, with its wide-open 11 acres, barns, arenas, and grass field for grazing. Her other home in Santa Ysabel houses a lay-up and rehab center, where she cares for retired horses or those who just need a break from competition and daily training. And now that her training barn is growing again, Jamie knows exactly where her next step will be.

“We’re going to be back on the show circuit this summer,” she confirms.

Whether it is perfecting jumper turns with an experienced amateur or helping a new student gain confidence for a flat class, Jaime is in her rider’s corner.

For more information call her at 760-207-2680 or visit her website: www.thecherryhillfarm.net.


Alyssa Donyes, grazing her lease horse, Abby, credits her friend Natalie Swauger, who has ridden with Jamie Lund for many years, with convincing her to get back into lessons.