July 2021 - Day Creek Ranch West & Silver Crest Stable Welcomes Kamila Dupont Dressage
Written by by Kamila Dupont
Friday, 02 July 2021 02:29

by Kamila Dupont

I started riding as a kid with a horse in Florida. As a teenager, I moved to Westchester County NY with my family, and joined Pony Club at Sunnyfield Farm. The seed for Dressage was sown when I began lessons with a German Riding Master, Richard Waetjen.

It was to be years later, watching Hilda Gurney ride in the Montreal Olympics that the buried dream became a full-blown reality. I started training with Hilda in the early 1980’s. I went professional and got sponsors and was fortunate that they provided wonderful horses for me to compete. In 1983, I received a USET European training grant and went to Germany for the first time. What a mind-expanding trip that was! In 1984 I competed in the Olympic Trials. By 1990, I felt I needed help with our horse Nebelhorn and wanted to train in Europe, specifically Germany. Fortunately, I was able to work with the legendary Herbert Rehbein. Not only did I learn how to ride better, I was able to see the reason for their success in equestrian sports. It is a combination of the depth of their breeding programs, their work ethic and a national program to educate and promote youngsters in all the disciplines. Every small village has a riding hall where children learn the classic principles of riding, and every big town has facilities where there are schoolmasters who can bring them into the more serious sport of Dressage. I stated riding dressage when I was 15, some of the Germans start when they are 10, hey! even 5!     

Kamila and Perignon last summer, Intermediare 1

Short version, I had two extended stays in Germany, the first one for two years, the second one for 5 years, separated by 7 years in-between in Florida and California.

I made the “A” List for the USET and was allowed to compete for the US in International Competitions in Europe from 2001-2005 as well as German National Tests. In 2006, when my contract with my sponsor was up, I chose to return to California. Re-inventing myself took a while, but my hard work has paid off and I continue to show and train partnerships to the USDF Medal Levels.

Teaching was always a personal passion, hopefully I will continue to educate and inspire others on their journeys. My latest project is called Wellness Through Dressage. Helping horses and rider maintain radiant health throughout life is the focus of my daily work. In the past, I was driven to succeed in competition, now I have a reached a point where my goal is the long term well-being of myself, my students and their horses.  

To reach that goal, I dreamed of a facility where I could bring this lifestyle to fruition. As fate would have it, Hunter/Jumper trainer Shauna Pennell had a dressage arena at her new barn and invited me to join her.  A philosophy we share is that Life is all about balance. The right amount of work, rest and play is at the heart of happy horses and humans.  Collaborating with trainers from other disciplines is always rewarding and I’m looking forward to being at Day Creek Ranch with Shauna.  

Visit www.KamilaDupont.com for more information.