March 2016 - Sheri Moser & Duncan McIntosh – Edmonton Farms
Written by CRM
Tuesday, 01 March 2016 07:35

Roots & wings rule at hunter/jumper training program.

Sheri Moser and Duncan McIntosh help riders develop roots and horses develop wings. Both are lifelong riders and Sheri earned her rides as a pro, the old school way, by knowing how to take care, from the ground up, from every detail of travel and set up, feeding, cleaning and conditioning of the finest string of Grand Prix Jumpers the West Coast ever had and that won Rob Gage the National Grand Prix Rider of the Year.

“I called Sheri my lucky charm, but her secret was hard work and attention to detail”, says Rob, still an admirer of hers. She got her chance as a pro at the Malibu Colony, and taught many of the famous residents there and their children, while staying attentive to teachers like Kathy Kusner, who would tell her again and again “You have what it takes. It will come to you.” The pair reunited after Sheri won her first Grand Prix, and there were smiles and tears all around.

Sheri also has been a stylish and steely competitor in the Hunter Derbies, taking a few “might have beens” and showing them the way to the winner’s circle. Meanwhile, she never forgets where she comes from, and how she earned that special trust with the horses, and has helped some of the biggest names on the West Coast overcome those in-gate jitters. She’s turned that “I can’t do this” into year-end championships and medal finals wins for several of her riders.

Now, with a daughter of her own, she is loving having ponies around again, and having a group of very young riders to introduce to the sport, and to the family passion for horses.

Duncan has been a great complimentary partner for her, as an all around horseman and an active breeder, young horse trainer and producer of top show stock from various contacts and sources all over the world.

He came by his passion honestly. His mother bred the Foundation IHF Stallion Viscount, and he jumped right in to the professional life with success here and horses produced that include International Derby phenom, Liza Boyd’s first Junior Hunter Champion.

He sold a dozen or so over the years back east, and kept some wonderful horses here for both the hunter and jumper rings. He also had what he calls a “sabbatical”—six years as an associate in the marketing world and getting to work one on one with such teachers and business leaders as Jay Abraham, his associates Bernard Zick, Scott DeMoulin of the Robbins Institute and Mike Basche, a co founder of Fed Ex.

After a stint abroad, he found his passion for horses return, more as a mentor this time, and he helped guide Sheri into the Grand Prix Ring, and a young talent with big dreams named Michael Whang find his way from frustration to double clean rounds in places like Del Mar National and Spruce Meadows.

He has fierce pride in those Americans who can bring a horse along, here, and he and his wife share that lesson of contributing to the training and advancement of their horses, not merely the acquisition of expensive equipment, but the ability to create that superb partner, and generate and offer trust at the highest levels of the sport.

Bio provided by Edmonton Farms. For more information on this hunter, jumper and equitation training program, call 818-314-4151.